NYC Worlds Fair 1939

Going through other people old slides is a quite a treasure hunt. After a dozen years of collecting and looking through zillions I’ve been fortunate to find hundreds and hundreds of amazing images. But since the beginning I’ve been hoping to find slides taken at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Kodachrome slide photography was brand knew at the time but I knew that eventually I’d come across some slides that somebody took there – and last week it finally happened!!! This is one of the slides.

In this bird’s eye view you can see the colorful giant Life Savers that decorate the Life Savers parachute drop, the ?world’s largest cash register? (which displayed the daily attendance), and Midget Town, which housed ?a collection of performing midgets – wow! How politically incorrect was that? On the far right is the New York Pavilion, the only building that remains from the out-of-this world exhibition. It is now the Queen’s Museum, home to a spectacular display of memorabilia and footage from both the ’39 and ’64 Fairs.

At the time, the ’39 World fair was the biggest and most expensive world’s fair ever. It happened at an amazing time in history between the depression and World War II, which to me makes the futuristic display even more significant and poignant. Among the most popular exhibits were General Motor’s Futurama where visitors were treated to a view of the world of 1960. Visitors also saw television there for the first time.

For those who visited the 1939 New York Worlds Fair I can imagine that it must have been a life altering experience – to say the least!!!

God Bless Americana and New York World’s Fairiana