Tiny Naylor's Drive In Restaurant

This mesmerizing masterpiece of mid-century modernity landed at the NE corner of La Brea and Sunset Boulevards in 1949. The sage green and buttery yellow color combo is simply delicious. Those towering twin palms remind me of giant frilly toothpicks. And that soaring stucco canopy hovering over the plate glass walls of the dining room is more than inviting. The fastbacks, coupes and convertibles are snuggled up to it like ‘lil piglets to their mother at feeding time.

After a 35-year flight, this drive-in starship enterprise came crashing down. In 1984 it was bulldozed and before you could say “Hey, what happened to Tiny Naylor’s?” it was replaced by a mega mini-mall. Too bad, because even today it still looks futuristic. So go ahead and feast your eyes on it. I bet your imagination is inspired and your spirit is soaring!

Here’s to Tiny Naylor’s and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
August 2, 2012