Van de Kamp's 1962

How much do we all love it when a big fake mini-golf course Dutch windmill spins over a classy, glassy corner coffee shop somewhere in SoCal’s sleek suburbia. Its old world charm meets mid-century mod and the match is mesmerizing.

These Dutch blue delights once trademarked every Van De Kamps Bakery and/or Coffee Shop in their vast empire of food service.

Having a windmill on your roof is a foolproof way to entertain everyone passing by in their space age coupes and convertibles. You simply can’t miss it.

Van De Kamps started in downtown Los Angeles in 1915 peddling potato chips. The next year a potato famine forced them to diversify into baked goods – pretzels and macaroons and Holland Dutch Bakeries were born. By the 1950s, their Dutch windmill shaped bakeries, complete with Dutch dress costumed employees, had morphed into full-fledged coffee shops. Today, the Van De Kamp’s brand only exists on boxes of fish sticks and other frozen fishy offerings found in your grocer’s freezer section.

Here’s to fake windmills, Van De Kamp’s, fish sticks and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
January 27, 2012