The Ultimate Edible July 4th Mascot And Party Centerpiece!


If Halloween can have a vegetable with a face on it … why can’t Independence Day have a fruit with a face on it???

I’m all about holiday traditions … BUT … I’m also a big fan of mixing it up by creating new ones.

uncle watermelon 5


Introducing … UNCLE WATERMELON !!! … The picture-perfect, family fun, food-crafting tradition for the Fourth of July!

He’s like Mr. Potato Head, but bigger, sweeter and much more patriotic.

uncle watermelon 7

BACKSTORY: The idea to recreate this sensational centerpiece came after discovering the first known watermelon with a face, topped off with an Uncle Sam hat, pictured in a vintage slide I found, dated 1976. He was posed on a party table before a posse of polyester Patriots. It was divine inspiration. Uncle Watermelon was born.

original uncle watermelon

The very moment I saw this spirited centerpiece, I knew immediately that this bicentennial-born beauty needed to become a new fourth of July food crafting tradition and be displayed proudly on every buffet table from coast to coast.

uncle watermelon

You can one or as many UNCLE WATERMELONS at your party!

uncle watermelon 4


Before the food is served, let your guests get creative. Uncle Watermelon making is the perfect Forth of July party starter!

uncle watermelon convention


If you have enough peeps at your patriotic party divide them into teams turn into a competition. Set a time limit to 15 minutes. Let them grab all the fruits and veggies they may need and let the fun food crafting begin! Take a vote and have a prize for the best one.

uncle watermelon melon

There is no such thing as too many UNCLE WATERMELONS!

If you do and don’t end up serving them all, send them home as edible party favors.

Uncle Watermelon


Uncle Sam Hat from the party store

The best-looking watermelon you can find. Bigger is better, but any size will do.

Use any firm fruits and/or veggies that will hold on with the tip of a toothpick.


uncle watermelon veggies

INSTRUCTIONS: Poke toothpicks into the washed watermelon, leaving just enough sticking out to “hang” the fruit or veggie.

Remember, there are NO rules. But, I do suggest, for patriotic purposes, all UNCLE WATERMELONS must wear some sort of an Uncle Sam hat.

BTW, the more Uncle Watermelons at your party, the merrier. One will do, but you can turn it into a perfect pre-dinner, food crafting party activity competition.

uncle watermelon 6

UNCLE WATERMELON making is the perfect pastime to begin the party.

Between the time the hot dogs and hamburgers (with all the trimmings) are served, and the last fireworks are being lit, ask yourself an important question: do we slice and serve UNCLE WATERMELON or blow him up? This is a democracy, after all, have your guests take a vote!

uncle watermelon 9

Let the Uncle Watermelon crafting begin!

Here’s to your Uncle Watermelon centerpiece, this great country and YOU!