The Theme Building rocks my world, always and without fail. Nothing reaches out and says, “Yooou’ve arriiived” in Los Angeles quite like this iconic, sci-fi styled superstar.

In 1961, it gracefully landed on earth as the centerpiece and crowning touch of the ultra modern jet-age expansion of LAX.  Much more than just an airport accessory, the space age structure houses a non-revolving, but helluva-view restaurant, and up top there’s an observation deck with an even better view. Who knew?

The observation deck is open weekends, but uh-oh, the Disney designed restaurant, Encounter, recently closed after fifteen years. I did dine there once, but shocking though it may be, I’ve never observed on the observation deck. What am I waiting for? Oh well, first time for everything! But, what I wanna know is what’s to become of the restaurant space.

Frankly, I’m surprised McDonald’s doesn’t hijack it, paint the whole structure yellow and give “Golden Arches” a whole new meaning. Imagine our beloved Theme Building as a McDonald’s. Stranger things have happened. Just sayin’ …

Cheers to the Theme Building and YOU !!! …