Wiltern Theater

A bus heads east, a motorcycle heads west and a cop sits waiting to pull someone over. Pedestrians stand at the crosswalk. Behind them an American catches the breeze.

Named for the intersection that it sits cockeyed on, WIL-shire and Wes-TERN, the Wiltern is one of the greatest art deco buildings on the planet. The bright aqua ceramic tiles make the spectacular structure seem like it was designed to be built in the Emerald City. The grand opening was in 1931. In 1973, the Wiltern was designated City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument 118. But that didn’t keep the theater from closing its doors in 1979. Threatened with demolition, the Los Angeles Conservancy came to its rescue. Together with the efforts of a passionate army of supporters the Conservancy saw to it that the art deco monument was spared. Thank you

In the twenty-five years that have since passed the Los Angeles Conservancy has promoted and preserved many of LA’s great historic buildings and saved them from the wrecking ball. But that’s not all they do, and do well. Among other things is their LAST REMAINING SEATS film series held downtown each summer in the different historic movie palaces on Broadway. If you have never attended one of these memorable events I URGE you to do so. The experience is a great natural high.

Here’s to the LA CONSERVANCY and YOU!!