The Pie Caken

It started off harmless enough, back in March, I stumbled across a silly post about something called a Cherpumple on the website That’s Nerdalicious. That naturally prompted me to forward it to my expert baker friend where we had a hearty laugh over the whole concept. The photo was both entertaining, “Who would even think to make a thing like that?!” and horrifying, “OMG who would even eat a thing like that?!” and after a few quick emails back in forth it was all but forgotten.

Or was it…?

The Cherpumple topic kept creeping up over the comings weeks and months, but the conversations started to be more about the “how’s” and less about the “why’s” someone would even to begin to make such a thing. Obviously more research had to be done. Extensive Google-ing brought us to Charles Phoenix’s website which not only had a very entertaining how-to video but a recipe and fan examples!