The Lawn Mower, 1955

The shadow of afternoon light is long on grassy greens, newbie trees and American cars posed in dream home driveways. A happy, lawn mowing lady is freshly permed and well-dressed for the occasion in sporty stripes and snappy, strappy shoes.  Her deluxe lawn mower is beautifully finished in a delicious, buttery shade of tomato soup. Together woman and machine are in total golden glow mode. And how about that grassy green grass catcher?!

Usually mowing the lawn is like pushing a baby carriage – but not with this magnificent mower. All the driver has to do is sit and steer. This is, after-all, the ride-a-long model.

Who knew that lawn mowing could be so much fun? With a mower like this, you’d want to mow everybody’s lawn.

Here’s to the great American suburban lawn, lawn mowers and you!

Charles Phoenix
May 24, 2011
Los Angeles, CA