Hot Dog Show

In my hometown of Ontario, five years ago when I was running around out there looking for images to include in my first book, Cruising the Pomona Valley 1930 thru 1970, I ran across this amazing slide. I got it from the owner of the Hot Dog Show, Norma Jones. I wonder if she ever noticed that those red and white striped curtains look more like a rather large person squatting -therefore making those hot dogs with angel wings and halos very unappetizing.

Before the San Bernardino Freeway was extended through the Pomona Valley in 1955, Hollywood stars would pass by the Hot Dog Show on their way to and from Palm Springs. Norma told me about the time that Joan Crawford pulled up in a big chauffer driven black limousine. But before she ordered a round of hot dogs for the chauffer, nanny, twins and precious little Christina, she insisted upon inspecting the cleanliness of the kitchen. After it passed her test, she sat in the kitchen and smoked a cigarette while they sat patio and ate their hot dogs.

In 1960 the Hot Dog Show burned to the ground – grease fire in the kitchen. It was replaced by a taco stand. There is one Hot Dog Show still standing -across the street from Bob’s Big Boy in Toluca Lake.

God Bless Americana!