Leaning of Cranberry

Honey blonde cabinets and flowery barbed wire fence wallpaper provide a warm backdrop for a dear mother and her milk-drinking Clark Kent wannabe son. Say cheese! It’s Thanksgiving, the most famous dinner day of the year. The food looks delicious, but I can’t take my eyes off the leaning tower of cranberry sauce.

We call it “cranberry sauce” but there’s nothing saucy about this ruby-red turkey flavor enhancer. It’s more like jelly molded like Jell-O. It even jiggles like Jell-O. It’s the only food we serve in the shape of the tin can it came in. That’s what I love most about it!

And BTW, I wanna know what a “cran” is. Don’t you? So I looked it up. According to legend, “cran” is short for “crane.” Early Americans thought the flower resembled the head of the lanky bird so they named them cranberries. Huh?

Whether your bird head berry tin can mold is falling over or lying down, we all know Thanksgiving dinner just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving dinner without it.

Here’s to cranberries, craneberries, leaning or laying, the thanks in Thanksgiving and YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Charles Phoenix

Los Angeles, CA