The Ultimate Holiday Centerpiece!

The Astro Weenie Christmas tree is the ultimate Holiday centerpiece!  Charles’ how-to video demonstrates basic construction, inspires Test Kitchen fans to get creative and share their crafty culinary creations!

Assembly Instructions:
1. Cover Styrofoam cone with tin foil.
2. Smear the bare bottom of the cone with peanut butter to “glue” it to the plate.
3. Begin tooth-picking fruits, veggies or just about anything else you can stick a toothpick through and into the Styrofoam. Be creative!
4. Admire and then…dig in!

What bite size edibles to put on your AWCT?

Your AWCT can be sweet or savory, and just about anything will work as long as it’s edible! Don’t forget the most important ingredient of all: the cocktail weenies!

Helpful hint #1: Make sure anything that comes in a can or jar is drained OVERNIGHT before putting on the tree. You don’t want a soggy tree.

Helpful hint #2: If your want your AWCT to flame, simply stick birthday cake candles into the cocktails weenies. Have a friend help you light them just before presentation.

Helpful hint #3: For a star tree topper, use either a cross cut of star fruit (if you can find one) or cut one out of a yellow bell pepper.

List of AWCT edible possibilities:


The only limit is your imagination!

Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree