The Latest Sweet Mess From The Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen Is Just In Time For Easter.

This Easter party agitator is a 4-layer, pastel-colored, rainbow cake sprinkled with tequila, filled with Peeps and smashed bits of chocolate Easter bunny. Then, it’s frosted and filled with chocolate fudge frosting, inside and out, and finished with foil wrapped chocolate eggs, malted milk ball eggs, jelly beans and skewered Peeps!


Ingredients and Guidance …

7 boxes of white cake mix – Divide evenly into five bowls and food colorize with lavender, yellow, pink, mint and turquoise. Pour three colors in each of the four cake pans to get the desired “rainbow” batter effect. It’s always a fun reveal when you cut the cake.

Bottle of Tequila – Just enough to sprinkle and moisten each baked layer, as you stack and fill the cake, and to have a few swigs while doing so …

15 boxes of Peeps … for stuffing and skewering … actually, get even more Peeps … it’s EASTERRR !!! …

1 BIG chocolate Easter bunny to smash … kinda sacrilege, but oh well …

6 canisters of chocolate fudge frosting

Lotsa foil wrapped chocolate eggs, in various sizes

Yummy malted milk ball eggs

Jelly beans

Skewers for the circling peeps

YIIIKES !!! … I’m SO beginning to think I need to go to cake making school. About half of the cakes I concoct in my test kitchen end up collapsing. Phooey! Not that a collapsing a cake is a failure, far from it. A cake that comes to life and ruptures or slides is a fascinating sight to see! But, I just wish it didn’t happen quite as often to my cakes, like my latest collapser, the Tequila-Soaked Peep-Stuffed Broken-Bunny Cake.


I think I know what went wrong. Next time, I’ll sub the tequila for the water in the box cake mix, (like I did with my Irish Whiskey Soaked Lucky Charm Cake – that one didn’t collapse) instead of generously sprinkling it on each layer as I stacked and frosted it.

But, at the end of the day, when I finally sampled a big heaping spoonful of this Easter eyesore, the kooky combo of seasonal flavors and textures tasted like an Easter Basket exploded in my mouth!

So what if the cake looks a bit drunk! It tastes Easterlicious !!!

Cheers to Easter and YOU !!! …