Tasteful Interior Decor

A granny square afghan over the back of an avocado green easy chair; matching curtains; checkerboard wood paneling and in case you didn’t notice, ten reindeer, two foxes sitting on a bearskin rug; one fox hanging from the curtains; a beaver in one window and an owl flying out the other. Have a coat or jacket to hang up? No problem – there are six deer hoof coat hooks! Need some light? Then turn on the reindeer hoof lamp.

Clearly the male ego works in strange ways. It’s one thing to go hunting, but it’s another to have stereo vision of your kill when you sit in your easy chair.

Great interior designers always say accessorize with nature. In this case the interior decorator has taken the theme to the extreme. Dead animal fur goes so well with blond wood and avocado green – very earthy

Have you ever seen a trophy room like this? How often do you go over to someone’s house and witness such a spectacular display? I certainly never have. But my taxidermy curiosity has been peaked! If yours has too, make sure to visit the most shocking taxidermy showroom display in all of Southern California, Bob’s Taxidermy, 1912 West Commonwealth in Fullerton. It has just skyrocketed to the top of my must-visit-soon list. See you there!

Here’s to taxidermy and YOU!!