Women in the Kitchen

The power of this spellbinding lemon-lime paint combo is enhanced by the odd place where one color leaves off and the other begins.  Not to mention how the colors scream against that classic black-bordered white tile countertop and scalloped oilcloth curtains, while the strawberry shelf trim on the door-less, well-stocked cabinet blends right in.

The bespectacled and permed trio is not a having a dress and apron fashion show, but they should be. Polka dots and gingham check never ever go out of style.

Among the food products on the crowded shelf is a beautiful box of Ritz Crackers, the pride and joy of Nabisco that introduced the savory snack treat sensation to a cracker hungry country in 1934. The perfect, buttery, salty, crunchy yet mushy baked dough discs have always been and will always be a fave of mine. But I’ve never tried Ritz’s legendary mock apple pie. Have you? Does it really, really taste like the real thing?

Here’s to the fashionable ladies, colorful kitchens, Ritz Crackers and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
July 26, 2011
Los Angeles, CA