My Favorite Halloween Martians

Age has made this slide look as though emerald green ectoplasm has just exploded all over this homey, honey-blond wood-paneled room with matching door and delightful diamond print curtains. It’s everywhere. Even all over Mr. and Mrs. Martian. The pumpkin may not be looking at them, but I sure am.

Mr. Martian is kind-of Hannibal Lector meets Bart Simpson meets My Favorite Martian with big hands and triangular ears. While Mrs. Martian works a Casper the Friendly Ghost-shaped mask with raccoon-eyes, two pairs of painted lips, and count them, five oh-so adorable antennas. Not to mention her oddly offset and close together Martian breasts.

Homemade Halloween outer space age creature costumes are my favorite. Let these two other worldly specimens be an inspiration to us all.

Here’s to Mr. & Mrs. Martian and YOU!


Charles Phoenix
October 27, 2011