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NPR Logo“Clifton’s Cafeteria is authentic Los Angeles. It is at the corner of Seventh and Broadway. Clifton’s has been here since 1935 and it’s still going strong today… It is not only the grandest cafeteria, it is the largest restaurant in all of Los Angeles. Six hundred people can be seated at once. No other restaurant even comes close.”

Hear Charles talk about this incredibly rare Los Angeles institution here on NPR.


NPR Logo“I wept when I found this slide. I mean, people back then were not taking pictures of where they had dinner. You can see all the neon on all the gas stations going down the street and there’s a corner sign for another, I guess, restaurant or club you can’t see. It’s called the Hawaiian Garden. It says `Entertainment’ and then, in neon, it says `Chicken, Steak and Squab.’ Squab in neon? I challenge you to go out today and find ‘squab’ written on a sign in neon.”

Click here and listen to NPR’s Madeline Brand exploring the slideshows of Charles Phoenix.