A Fruity 4th Of July Twist On The Cherpumple!

To take your big 4th of July blowout to the next level, I’ve created a red, white and blue summer version of The Cherpumple.

The Cherpumple, a three layer cake, each with a pie baked into it (CHERry, PUMkpkin, and appLE), is an original recipe from the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen and the most talked about dessert to come along in years.



The Ultimate Edible July 4th Mascot And Party Centerpiece!

If Halloween can have a vegetable with a face on it ... why can’t Independence Day have a fruit with a face on it???

I’m all about holiday traditions ... BUT ... I’m also a big fan of mixing it up by creating new ones.

Introducing ... UNCLE WATERMELON !!! ... The picture-perfect, family fun, food-crafting tradtion for the Fourth of July!



Uncle Watermelon

Patriots partying in polyester pose with the best Fourth of July centerpiece ever! Whoever dreamed up this bicentennial-born vegetable faced fruit head deserves an award and a big box of fireworks.  He’s like Mr. Potato Head but bigger, sweeter and more patriotic.

OK, let’s admit it. Everyone loves it when a big delicious watermelon has red pepper lips, green pepper eyebrows, carrot and olive eyeballs, and dill pickle nose and ears. The defining touch and perfect topper, is a snappy Uncle Sam top hat fresh from the party store.

At last! Uncle Watermelon is just the tabletop mascot for Fourth of July. What Frosty the Snowman is to Christmas, Uncle Watermelon is to July Fourth.

When the party is almost over and the last fireworks are being lit, ask yourself an important question: do we slice and serve him or blow him up?

Let the Uncle Watermelon crafting begin!

Here’s to your Uncle Watermelon centerpiece, polyester patriots, this great country’s 235th B-day and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
June 30, 2010
Los Angeles, CA