Epic Pie-Stuffed Cake Attempts Getaway!

Every season is Cherpumple season in the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen, and Halloween is SO no exception. For the first time I bravely attempted to make a Cherpumple in the shape of Jack-O-Lantern! Seemed like the logical thing to do. But then the Cherpumple Jack-O-Lantern turned evil on me, and tried to run away !!! ...



Classic Halloween Candy Meets Milk Chocolate Frosting And Crazily Colored Cake

How could Halloween candy chunks, loads of milk chocolate frosting and white cake hyper colorized with massive amounts of fun food coloring be anything but an acid trippy, party pleasing edible centerpiece! You already know its gonna be finger lickin’ good!



Meat Crafting Has Never Been SO Horrifying !!!

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat is what happens in the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen when it’s the season of scary and a couple extra pounds of ground round are lying around. Crafting a Halloween Meatloaf of Rat is beyond easy. And you, yes, you, can do it!



Charles cooks up Halloween in the kitchen with Queen Latifah !!!


The Jack-O-Cheeze Ball is a salsa-filled Velveeta ball Halloween party appetizer that melts into yummy queso fondue dip! Your guests will be mesmerized.

Jack is the Halloween version of Frosty the Cheeseball Man. But this time with a twist — the Velveeta is filled with chunky salsa!

Velveeta is an incredible medium to work in and is very under-rated in the sculpture world. I prefer working with Velveeta more than clay and even more than Play-Doh. And when you’re done playing with it, you can eat it too. Tastes just like liquid mac ‘n’ cheese.

What you’ll need to create your own Jack-O-Cheeze Ball:

Start by kneading Velveeta bricks into a ball. Carve salsa well in middle and freeze for 1 hour to firm. Remove and spoon out more of the well. Shape excess Velveeta into a Jack’s lid. Place in cool electric skillet; pour in jar of chunky salsa place top and seal and seal. Smooth ball with wet fingers. Decorate with celery stalk starburst and give Jack his black tortilla chip face.

As soon as the party gets going, gather guests around Jack and toast him. Without skipping a beat, plug in the electric skillet on low. (This gives “toast” another whole meaning!)

When the celery wilts dead, Jack is too and it’s time to dig in with chips, fruits, veggies, cookies, breadsticks, pretzels, Halloween candy…anything you want.

Shall we have a Velveeta sculpture contest? Yes! Have fun and send pix!

Here’s to a cheezy Halloween and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles, CA