Dyeing Eggs

The eggs aren’t really ‘dying’ — they’re just getting colorized.  And who doesn’t LOVE the all-Americana tradition of dyeing eggs???

To do the traditional Easterly duty of egg dyeing, year after year, decade after decade, most of us choose Paas to accomplish our rainbow-colored assortment of eggs to hide, hunt and fill our plastic grass-padded Easter baskets.

We owe a big colorful Easter Eggy thanks to druggist, William Townley who invented Easter egg dye tablets in his Newark, New Jersey drug emporium in 1880. He branded his five-color dye kits, Paas, which comes from the word Passen, the Pennsylvania Dutch name for Easter. Who knew???

Thank you, Mr. Townley for facilitating all our eggshell dyeing needs! What would Americana’s eggiest holiday be like without you???

Here’s to Mr. Townley, his Easter eggshell dye and YOU!


Charles Phoenix
April 18, 2011
Los Angeles, CA