Edsel on Parade

I know, it’s mesmerizing! That double-decker horse collar grill and all-around “Queen From Outer Space”-age styling is more than we mere Earthlings are hard-wired to comprehend.

We’re lovin’ the trio of beauty queen wannabees mistaking the back seat as a throne for three.

In 1957, the Ford Motor Company introduced their all-new and ballyhooed Edsel not as a new model, but rather as a new marque, an entirely new line of cars.

According to legend, a famous automotive journalist declared, “It looks like an Oldsmobile sucking a lemon.” The public must’ve thought so too because after just three years of production,  Ford discontinued the Edsel in 1960.

People often ask me if I have a favorite vintage slide. Right now it’s definitely this one! Make no mistake:  it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when one of these mid-century marvels motors by.

Here’s to Edsels and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
May 10, 2011
Los Angeles, CA