Tony the Tiger

A flat board cut and painted in the likeness of the world’s most famous striped advertising mascot and his offspring, Tony Jr., provide a picture perfect backdrop for tourists visiting Kellogg’s World headquarters.

The contented posers wear their promotional paper headpiece hand-outs with ease of comfort like a king or queen wears a crown.

Kellogg’s legendary Corn Flakes is the morning milk mate that started Americans on a glutenous breakfast cereal eating binge in 1898.

In 1953, someone in the Kellogg’s test kitchen apparently didn’t think American’s blood glucose count was high enough. So they came up with the brighter than bright idea to take the granddaddy of all boxed breakfast cereals and make it sweeter than sweet by dousing each little corn flake with a dose of high fructose corn syrup. Frosted Flakes were born.

Ever since that fateful day human taste buds have been sending enthusiastic signals to the brain saying what Tony’s been saying since the beginning:  “They’re Grrrrreat!”  Even when they are milk-logged, they’re still Grrrreat!

Here’s Tony, his Frosted Flakes and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
September 27, 2011
Los Angeles, CA