Big Retro Slide Show Extravaganza

Orleans Hotel Showroom
4500 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV

Prepare for your national pride to swell when Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, launches retro pop culture into the stratosphere! With his keen expertise, unbridled enthusiasm and eagle eye for oddball detail, Charles shares the very best of his retro road-trip discoveries and colorful kaleidoscope of found vintage Kodachrome slides from the pages of his latest book, Addicted to Americana.

This is a marvelous mashup of mid-century of stories and glories of spectacular space-age style, amazing attractions, local landmarks, roadside wonders, festive foods, crazy car culture, futuristic transportation and more galore all in glorious Kodachorme COLOR! Your imagination will be inspired and your American spirit will soar!

NOTE: each show is different. Check Event schedule for show times.



Live Performance Celebrating the Original Disneyland Park in the 50s & 60s

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
Walt Disney World
4401 Floridian Way
Orlando, FL

Be prepared for your Disney lovin’ spirit to soar when Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, sweeps us away on a fun-filled, time-travel adventure to the granddaddy of all theme parks, when it was new.

With his unbridled enthusiasm and keen expertise, Charles shares the backstories as he shares glorious vintage color images captured by tourists visiting Disneyland in the 50s and 60s –

Experience the early days of Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and original Tomorrowland, when it was promoted as “The World of 1986.” Revisit long-gone attractions including the Skyway, Flying Saucers, Indian Village, Stage Coaches, People Mover, Carousel of Progress, House of the Future and more.

Charles also shares the flaming beginnings of Disneyland’s iconic monorail, takes you inside of the legendary, House of the Future and transports you to outer space on the iconic TWA “Rocket to the Moon” and much more.

DETAILS: Shows runs 80 min, all seats general admission. A limited number of tickets may also be available at the door. Show is appropriate for all ages. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Children 3 and under do not require tickets. Refunds will only be issued should the show be canceled.

Select the Breakfast ticket option for the 11am show and join Charles from 9-10:30am for a traditional breakfast buffet (plus Mickey waffles!) in the Grand Floridian Conference Center before your show. See for more info



Live Retro Slide Show Performance Celebrating SoCal's Enchanted Island!

Avalon Casino Theatre
1 Casino Way
Avalon, CA 90704

Catalina Island Museum presents … Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, at the iconic Casino’s spectacular 1929 Art Deco movie palace.

Be prepared for your Catalina loving’ spirit to SOAR when Charles sweeps us away on a time-travel storytelling and retro slide show adventure extravaganza exploring the island’s classic landmarks, legends and lore.

Experience the backstories and glories of the S.S. Avalon, glass bottom boat, flying fish, Bird Park, Catalina Pottery, vintage souvenirs, Casino, Wrigley family, the mysterious Catalina-shaped swimming pool, and much more.

Charles also shares his vintage guide to today’s Catalina sightseeing, shopping, dining, and where to find the Island’s hidden treasures, time warps, and what not to miss as you discover Catalina as a great big theme park!

The performance is two-acts with an intermission. Festive dress is encouraged but not expected.

Aftershow Cake & Book Signing Party

You are invited to meet Charles following the performance at the Catalina Island Museum. Copies of his latest book, Addicted to Americana, will be available for purchase.



I knowww, it’s mesmerizing! That double-decker, deep-dish horse collar grill and all-around “Queen From Outer Space”-age styling is more than we mere Earthlings are hard-wired to comprehend.

We’re lovin’ the trio of beauty queen wannabees mistaking the back seat as a throne for three. Sit gently, please, those convertible top bows are brittle and breakable!



Southgate Shopping Center

Recently while curiously searching Google for "Googie" images, I scrolled across a picture of the Southgate Shopping Centers sign. I was more than spellbound by the Googie gloriousness and oh-so surprised because I was totally unaware of it.



The Mint casino

A lone soul stands centered on Fremont, the most electrifying street east of the Mississippi. He's probably hypnotized because the moment is rare when sunlight and shade are divided so evenly between the most fashion-forward façade on Earth and the high-gloss, low-price cars parked in front of it....



Driveway Pride

Two boys proudly pose heads-out of a 1955 Oldsmobile. It’s parked on the bias exactly where it should be, right in the middle of the driveway so all the lucky neighbors and rubber-necking passers-by can marvel at its breathtaking beauty. That positive/negative paint job highlights that sassy side swoosh like no other two-tone could.

But when the tires match the taillights and it looks like the car is wearing lipstick, who’s looking at sassy side swooshes! And this is no Photoshop trickery here. This is an extremely rare sighting of aftermarket rubber rings offered to color coordinate with your classy car.

And who wants whitewalls anyway when you can have redwalls, yellowwalls greenwalls or bluewalls? Apparently not enough motorists desired their tires tinted and the wannabe automotive fashion fad pooped out quickly. So enjoy the colorwalls here cuz you may never see them again!

Here’s to the kids, colorwalls, Oldsmobility and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
October 7, 2011


Women in the Kitchen

The power of this spellbinding lemon-lime paint combo is enhanced by the odd place where one color leaves off and the other begins.  Not to mention how the colors scream against that classic black-bordered white tile countertop and scalloped oilcloth curtains, while the strawberry shelf trim on the door-less, well-stocked cabinet blends right in.

The bespectacled and permed trio is not a having a dress and apron fashion show, but they should be. Polka dots and gingham check never ever go out of style.

Among the food products on the crowded shelf is a beautiful box of Ritz Crackers, the pride and joy of Nabisco that introduced the savory snack treat sensation to a cracker hungry country in 1934. The perfect, buttery, salty, crunchy yet mushy baked dough discs have always been and will always be a fave of mine. But I’ve never tried Ritz’s legendary mock apple pie. Have you? Does it really, really taste like the real thing?

Here’s to the fashionable ladies, colorful kitchens, Ritz Crackers and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
July 26, 2011
Los Angeles, CA