Valentine’s Day Just Got More COLORFUL !!! ...

Before I nearly tripped over the Sweethearts candy standee virtually blocking a graceful entrance to the almighty Party Store a few delightful days ago, I had no idea Sweethearts had been around for 150 Valentine’s Days. That’s a long time in candy years.

To celebrate this oh-so sweet treat milestone I decided to concoct a cake to commemorate those iconic little heart-shaped pastel colored candies that have helped us all communicate on the holiday of love.

Racing into the test kitchen, I gathered mixing bowls, plugged in the mixer, Pammed the cake pans, and started colorizing cake batter to match those sensational Sweetheart candy dandy colors. Cakes baked, it was now time for the fun part: stack, fill, frost and decorate.

From the moment the spirit moved me to make and bake this love cake, I crystal-clearly envisioned the pretty pastels paired with the official color of Valentine’s Day. So, gleefully, I smooshed red velvet cake, a bottle of red food coloring (yep, a whole bottle) and salted cream cheese frosting into a thick and tasty pasty filling and spread it generously between the layers. Then with a meaningful slathering of pink frosting came the smothering of the cake.


While the sweet carb-and-fat stack firmed up in the fridge for a spell, I ran to the supermarket, straight to the shelves of seasonal candy where I fetched pink Tootsie Pops, glowing gummy hearts, and of course, boxes of Sweethearts. 

And then this happened. Sweet Valentine Cake, made with love!

Here’s to Sweet Valentine Cake, Sweethearts, love and YOU !!! …