Seeking rest, rejuvenation or relaxation? Not feeling well? Need to take-it-easy? Well, first you must have a comfortable place to do so. And this week’s slide: STRATO-LOUNGER, AN AMERICAN LIVING ROOM, 1957, would be the perfect place to regroup, refresh and collect yourself.

The warmest of wood paneled walls, bright floral print draperies and an excessive overhead display of knick-knacks sets the tranquil mood. Angled and stacked neatly on the blonde coffee table are Sunset Magazine and Companion for your reading pleasure. On the fireplace mantle an exotic hand carved figurine and a clock so you’ll know what time it is when you wake up or come to – whatever the case may be.

If you want to lie down there’s a big boxy red sofa with not one, but two over-stuffed print pillows that you can rest your head on while you stare up at that heavy Victorian lamp hanging just above. If you catch a chill, cover up with the crocheted afghan that reminds me of the zigzag stripe t-shirt Charlie Brown always wears.

But if you want to be ultra-comfortable, sit down, push back as your feet rise in your beautiful brand new vinyl Strato-lounger recliner. It’s so new the plastic wrapper/label is still on it! Quite a bit of heavy duty engineering went into the development of this stylish foam-stuffed vinyl chair – all in the name of comfort. Everyone in the family wants to experience it. And the most exciting thing of all is that it’s pink, and it goes with everything well. This is perfect décor to relax by!

Here’s to Strato-loungers and YOU!!