Southern California Family Portrait

Last week I had a pop-culture experience of the highest order. I was headed south on the 405 just past Long beach on my way to a Southern Californialand book signing at Book Soup at South Coast Plaza. It was rush hour and traffic was stop-and-go, of course. Then suddenly my spirit was soaring in a way that it never had before. I spotted the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile a few cars in front of me. Soon we were side-by-side and stayed that way a few miles. Getting stuck in traffic with the Oscar Meyer Weenie Mobile is WONDERFUL!!

Speaking of Southern Californialand look for it on this Sundays Los Angels Times Best Seller list, it’s #9. Yeeee-haaaawww Thank you

Ok, now to the slide of the week: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FAMILY PORTRAIT, 1957. This is one of the best family couch portraits I’ve ever run across. Hello! They’re talking on the phone and reading the deluxe souvenir guide to Knott’s Berry Farm. On the hassock: two packs of cigarettes, L&M and Pall Mall, an ashtray full of butts and deluxe souvenir guide to Disneyland, no less. As if that already isn’t enough, their clothes match the décor. If by chance you’re looking for a smart new color scheme for that living room of yours, well look no further, here it is. The battleship grey wall goes so well with those lipstick red curtains and yellow-piped turquoise slip cover. Just don’t forget to dress your family to match it

To family portraits and to you!