South Central Los Angeles

A moment frozen in time at the intersection of Vermont & Vernon.

A 1965 lipstick red Lincoln Continental convertible pulls up to the intersection of Vermont and Vernon Avenues in South Central Los Angeles. The Rainbow Church welcomes, Jesus Heals and something’s going on with the Holy Ghost. On the far right you can barely see the Dunes Las Vegas Billboard advertising the Casino de Paris. That’s a topless show! Whoo-wee! And according to the Mustang billboard, Ford has “better ideas.” Take a closer look at the billboard. It says “Only Mustang makes it happen.” It is the young lady’s transformation between mousy and marvelous illustrated on the bottom of the billboard.

I love LA. I really do. The East, West, North and South of LA. I’ve spent way more time driving around neighborhoods than I would ever care to admit. Rich, middle class and poor neighborhoods – I don’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter where I go, I find something interesting around every corner.

Here’s to Los Angeles!