Slide of a Slide Show

“FAMILY GROUP AT AUNT MYRTLE’S” is hand written on the mount of this slide.

In all of my years of collecting other people’s old slides this is the first time I’ve ever run across a slide of a slide show. This scene could not have been staged better. Everyone is cameras ready and picture-perfect. They are watching their own reality show. That’s why I just had to include it, right up front, in my new book AMERICANA THE BEAUTIFUL: MID-CENTURY CULTURE IN KODACHROME.

A multi-generational crowd is gathered ’round the heavily-grained, honey stained woodwork in Aunt Myrtle’s living room. Framed photos and fresh flowers add to the ambiance. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the screen except the little boy and grandma, who’s dozing off. A baby doll sits in grandpa’s lap. Many wear glasses. Everyone is well dressed. The man in the middle sporting the snappy white shirt and smart polka-dot tie is the projectionist. He is sliding the slides, one at a time, through the projector. Little did any of them know that they would wind up pictured in a book!

This Sunday afternoon you are invited to celebrate the launch of AMERICANA THE BEAUTIFUL at Zanzabelle, the most colorful ice cream-candy-gift shop in town. I’ll be serving up the new book and FREE ice cream cones!

Zanzabelle is 1/2 blk east of Hyperion, near the Coffee Table in Silver Lake,
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Here’s to Aunt Myrtle’s slide show, the new book and you!