Raw Lipstick Party Ohio

Even in the stillness and silence of this pre-teen portrait a quartet of Ohio boys express a variety of emotions and moods.

The colorless wall behind them is a stark contrast to their smart sport shirts, fun hats and unusual variety of props – toy walkie-talkies that look like phone receivers with tiny little red-tipped antennas, maracas that have just inspired the color scheme of my going-out-to-dinner ensemble tonight and a bigger-than-average red sucker.

How did their lips get so red? I don’t think it was by sharing licks off that lollipop! Someone’s been in mom’s makeup case. Their cheeks are powdery pink too.

It’s highly doubtful that these young men styled this photo shoot themselves. This must’ve been master-minded by one of their mothers, or even more bizarre, one of their fathers.

I don’t remember putting on lipstick or rouge as kid (or as an adult either, thank you!) but I do recall the day I painted my nails. I was about five or six. It was the middle of the day.
As Dionne Warwick was spinning the stereo console in the living room and my mother was in the backyard hanging laundry out to dry I quickly applied peach frost to my fingertips. The fumes made me intoxicated. I don’t recall my mother holding her breath while she painted her nails. Did yours?