Queen Scherazade

Dress like an Arab and get in FREE (really!). There is only one place I know of where you can do that – the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival in Indio, California. And thank goodness it’s that time of year again. The festivities continue February 13, 22, 2004.

Now’s the time to enjoy the pageantry inspired by that little sweet palm tree treat. While you are there celebrating the harvest, sample crystallized, candied, brandied, stuffed, and dipped dates. Then enjoy snacking on date cookies, cakes, ice cream and milkshakes of course. For sport attend the exciting ostrich and camel races. Afterwards maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have your picture taken and rub elbows with royalty, Queen Scherazade and her court. Need some religion in your life? Be there on February 15th and attend The Blessings of the Dates.

Inspired by the Coachella Valley’s abundant date harvest, the annual Riverside County Fair and Date Festival began in 1921. In 1947 the Arabian theme was adopted in honor of the date’s Middle Eastern origins. By then there were more than five thousand acres of date palms in the Coachella Valley supplying ninety percent of the nation’s dates.

The Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is at 46-350 Arabia Street at Highway 111, Indio, CA. Dates are February 13 & 22, 2004.