Pumpkins - Buffalo, NY 1955


Wednesday night while strolling through Farmer’s Market, a Los Angeles landmark since 1934, I saw something I don’t remember ever seeing before — green and grey pumpkins. And that leads me to this week’s slide: PUMPKINS, BUFFALO, NEW YORK, 1955.

Two weeks ago Slide of the Week members saw these same two ladies in the parking lot of a modern shopping center in Buffalo, New York. This week, we see them posing roadside with a big plump pumpkin and several more in the back of a 1950 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon.

From mini to massive, Pumpkins come in a wider variety of sizes than any other fruit or vegetable. We don’t really think of them as fruits or vegetables – they are simply pumpkins. And who named them that anyway? Pumpkins are the superstar of the squash family – zucchini is a cousin. Each and every year they do double duty starring in not one, but two of our harvest time Holidays as we trick-or-treat and give thanks. For Halloween we carve faces on them and call them Jack-o-lanterns. That makes them related to Tikis. Mashed, sweetened, spiced and baked in a flaky crust they are also the finishing touch of choice to Thanksgiving dinner.

Making pies from scratch this year? Try something different – bake a green pumpkin pie. And while you’re at it, how about a grey one too.

I’ll try a slice!

Here’s to you and your pumpkins – no matter what color they are,