Pumpkin Art 1963

The striped-stamped, two-tone turquoise and white aluminum siding of a travel trailer is a dramatic backdrop for three works of pumpkin art displayed on a classic redwood patio table protected by an early American patterned plastic table cloth. On the left a feather and arrow suggest a Native American inspiration. Center stage a flower-trimmed yellow yarn wig and hoop earrings give plenty of character to the pink-painted pumpkin. A cross between Mr. Potato head and a cigar smoking Groucho Marx completes this creative trio very nicely. The people responsible for the art direction here have taken the art of pumpkin carving in the direction of Gingerbread house decorating.

Pumpkins are in a patch all their own. We never think of them as fruits or vegetables – they are just pumpkins. But when forced to face facts it’s clear that pumpkins are the superstars of the squash family. But we never call them squash because then you would have to say squash pie. And nobody would eat it. No other vegetable is sweetened and made into pie. None of Mother Nature’s other vegetables or fruits grow in such a wide variety of sizes. We’ve seen plenty of small pumpkins the size of grapefruits but never a grapefruit the size of a large pumpkin. After we’ve carved and displayed them lit for Halloween, then pulverize them with sugar and spice and bake them in a soggy crust for Thanksgiving (and maybe Christmas,) we have no use for them.

Here’s to you and PUMPKINS!!

Happy Halloween!!