Classic Halloween Candy Meets Milk Chocolate Frosting And Crazily Colored Cake

How could Halloween candy chunks, loads of milk chocolate frosting and white cake hyper colorized with massive amounts of fun food coloring be anything but an acid trippy, party pleasing edible centerpiece! You already know its gonna be finger lickin’ good!


Psychedelic Halloween Candy Cake

Who doesn’t love those two-bite size, Halloween time candies. They’re not-too-much and not-too-little. I like to call them candy barettes, like cigarettes.

Food coloring is something I’ve always enjoyed using, as much as possible as often as possible. Cake batter and food coloring were meant for each other. After all, we’re puttin’ the kitsch in kitchen here!



Halloween Candy Cake Ingredients




Frosting & Candy



Mix four boxes of white cake, according to instructions. You want to have plenty of cake batter to divide and mix with crazy colors.

Divide batter and colorize generously. Each layer should be three or four different colors. Your cake can NEVERRR be too colorful.

Fill plastic squeeze bottles about 7/8 full of batter.

Add PLENTY of food coloring to each squeeze bottle (more is more when it comes to food coloring).

Spray and flour cake pans like you mean it.

Squeeze Bottle of Color


To create psychedelic cake effect, begin by squeezing about 1/2 cup of batter in concentric circles in the center of a cake pan. Repeat until cake pan is about ¾ full of batter. (Spooning the batter into cake pans will not achieve the desired effect.)

Colored Rings of Batter


Bake as directed.

Cool cakes overnight, then freeze until ready to stack, fill and frost.

Cutting Candy



Freeze candy overnight. Unwrap each piece and cut with scissors into small chunks. Freeze candy again.

Stack, frost and fill each layer with a generous spread of frosting, topped with chucks of candy.

Refrigerate before crumb coating the sides.

Crumb coat and refrigerate. (Refrigerating makes everything SO much easier).

Cake Filled in Fridge


Frost generously then carefully hand-place each chunk of candy on the side and top of the cake, sampling the candy as you go, of course!

Refrigerate finished until one hour before serving it up with much fanfare to your pretty party guests. ENJOY !!! …

Psychedelic Halloween Candy Cake