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“Make a gingerbread house fly” was one of my answers when the fine folks at the L.A. CO Arts Commission asked me what I was planning to do this year to get in the mood for the holiday season. They said “Great!, can we make a video of you and your attempt at gingerbread house flying?” Of course, I said, of course!

So off to Streit’s German Bakery I went (featured in last week’s slide) where under the watchful eye of gingerbread expert, Oscar Streit, I built and decorated a little a-frame gingerbread house.

With the finished gingerbread house in hand, I met up with Ballusionist, Brian Potvin who was standing by with bunches of bright colored, helium-filled balloons. We carefully attached the balloons to the gingerbread house and with a proper “5-4-3-2-1 BLASTOFF!” launched it. But did it go where no gingerbread house has gone before? You’ll have to watch the video above to see if gingerbread houses can fly!

Watch this video and more Charles Phoenix Holiday Videos on TV during the 55th annual Los Angeles County Holiday Celebration – Live on KCET-TV on Christmas Eve.

Here’s to flying gingerbread houses and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
December 13, 2011

Gingerbread Balloon


Pann's Fan

L.A.’s KCET TV invited me pick my fave restaurant in Los Angeles, have lunch there and share the experience with you. YAY!

Without skipping a beat I chose Pann’s, the greatest Googie style coffee shop on Earth. This was the perfect opportunity for me to share this amazing L.A. landmark and introduce you to a local hero of mine, the original owner, Rena Poulis, age 94. Dressed to the nines, she greets guests there every day just as she has since she and her husband opened the doors in 1958. Rena and son Jim who now runs the place (and beautifully I might add) are the queen and crowned price of coffee shops.

They both deserve a big giant lifetime award for all their years of great service and an even bigger historic preservation award for maintaining the spectacular original Googie décor of their legendary restaurant.

Thank you, KCET for this opportunity and lunch! That fried chicken is the best in town!

Have you dined in a lipstick red vinyl semi-circle booth lately?

Here’s to the KCET, Pann’s, Queen Rena, Prince Jim and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
October 18, 2011



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