Picnic Pickin'

The dapplely leaves of summertime’s wild greenery and grown grass invite a trio of sleeve-less ladies and their babies out for an afternoon. Blankets are spread and the cotton cloth covered folding table is set with food in plastic, glass, foil and wax paper. A wooden picnic basket sits tableside alongside a blue metal ice chest covered with a short stack of newspaper, comics out, topped with factory-baked golden brown hamburger buns and a pile of steaks ready for the BBQ. Lunch is almost ready.

But that’s not what this slide is about.

This slide is about the topless tot staring at the steak while picking her cotton. Let’s face it, we all pick put cotton from time to time, but not often when someone is saying “Say cheese!”

Here’s to summer picnics, pickin’ cotton and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
August 8, 2011
Los Angeles, CA