The Neon Boneyard is the heart and soul of Las Vegas.

To stroll thru this time-travel treasure trove of over-the-top, mostly mid-century, vintage Vegas signage and other extraordinary Sin City artifacts is like being transported to some sort of parallel universe, where you are thrilled to feel about 3 feet tall. The signs are way, way bigger than you thought, when you are standing right next to them.

The fact that all of these sensational signs were saved is nothing short of a MIRACLE. Seriously.

Each piece is an American classic and a national treasure, to say the least. And, the place is world class.

If you haven’t experienced the Neon Boneyard yet, do indeed put it at the top of your fabulous Las Vegas to-do list. And, its oh-so conveniently located within walking distance of Sin City’s landmark downtown Fremont Experience.

And, be warned: when you are there, you’re gonna be asking yourself, “Have I died and gone to heaven ???”

In and beyond the scheme of great American pop culture, this place is like a pot of gold at the end of the Vegas rainbow.

Cheers to the Neon Boneyard and YOU !!! …