Tomorrowland, 1956

This is the only shot I’ve ever seen of the original outer space couple together. And aren’t they oh-so very stylish. That super hero cape of hers makes quite the fashion statement. The sausage roll trim is very flattering. Nice boots too!

I don’t remember their Tomorrowland (Disneyland’s original) which was promoted as the world of 1987. I’m just a bit too young. But I do recall the “next generation” Tomorrowland that was dedicated in 1967. When I was a kid it was the coolest place in all of Disneyland.

The most eagerly anticipated and fondly remembered days of my childhood were spent in the Magic Kingdom. Disneyland was a huge influence growing up and important part of my cultural education. No matter where I am I seem to divide the built environment into five architectural categories — MAIN STREET USA, ADVENTURELAND, FRONTIERLAND, FANTASYLAND, and TOMORROWLAND.

I see Disneyland everywhere I go. And that’s what inspired my “THEME PARK” TOUR OF DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES. Join me on the tour and rediscover downtown the way I have — it’s just like Disneyland! In fact, the similarities between the heart and soul of our city and the Magic Kingdom are staggering. You will never see downtown the same way again!! Your imagination will be inspired and your spirit will soar!

Here’s to Disneyland, Downtown and YOU!!