Each Year About This Time, The Entire Town Is Ablaze And Abuzz With 1000s Of Modders Gathered From Far And Wide To Live And Love Mid-Century Modernism More Than They Ever Have Before

Palm Springs Modernism Week is almost here !!! … YAAAAY !!! It’s the moddest time of the year in the moddest place on the planet.

Thankfully and thrillingly, over the past decade-plus, Palm Springsland has reinvented its fab self into a cultural mecca and world-class virtual theme park of, you know it, mid-century modern architecture and design.

Each year about this time, the entire town is ablaze and abuzz with 1000s of modders gathered from far and wide to live and love mid-century modernism more than they ever have before.

This year I’m thrilled and delighted to have more events than ever on the Modernism Week schedule of mod things to see and do.

First I’ll be blasting mod week off with my SUPER SPACE AGE SLIDE SHOW performance, a fab, fun fest of futurism – Saturday morning, Feb. 13 – at the Palm Springs Museum of Art.

Then its allll-aboarrrd for my week long line-up of PALM SPRINGS ARCHITECTURAL TOURS – for the ultimate double decker bus view of Palm Springsland’s iconic landmarks. 

And finally, the final official event of Modernism Week:

LAST CALL WITH CHARLES PHOENIX – at Modernism CAMP – Feb. 21. I’ll be hosting-with-mosting this special desert-themed cocktail party and serving a very special “Palm Springs” cake!

Modernism Week is gonna be a whirlwind of wonderfulness in a wonderland. I can’t wait! Come join the festivities!

Cheers to Modernism Week, Palm Springsland and YOU !!!