Mobile Secretary

A heavy metal typewriter is not something you often see perched on the lap of a young lady sitting in a powder blue ’54 Olds 88 Convertible. Especially when parked with the top down and the door open in the forecourt of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the greatest star factory in all of Hollywoodland.

Peering over her shoulder she exudes the elegance of simplicity posing in a flowy, full-skirted lavender sundress over white high-heeled sling-backs and a generous strand of malt ball-sized coral beads.

This is no time for dictation! She ought to be in pictures! Someone call Dory Sherry, the MGM producer made famous on I Love Lucy.

But first get this young lady a laptop, quick! Oooops, they haven’t been invented yet.

Here’s to her, the ’54 Olds, MGM and laptops!

Charles Phoenix
Jan 21, 2012