As if the turquoise upholstery, multi-colored, giant bubble carpet and grass shaky ceiling isn’t enough to count the Sip ‘n Dip as an honest to goodness great American kitsch classic, it is one of two remaining vintage bars in the country, with a window into a motel swimming pool.

And no you’re not having erotic, aquatic dreams. Mermaids abound around this who-even-knew-it-existed watering hole. If you need a room, no prob! This mermaid manor is also a motel, the O’Hare Motor Inn, erected way back in 1962.

Where there are mermaids, there is music. In this case, lovely, live Hammond organ music played by “Piano Pat,” a Sip ‘n Dip legend. She’s been playing there for 50 years!

Life is full of wonderful surprises. Discovering this irresistible cocktail of Tiki, mermaids and Piano Pat music ,in the last place we’d ever expect to find it,

is certainly one of them.

It’s high time I hop on my horse and head the Sip ‘n Dip way.

I can’t wait to say: “My, what a nice tail you have!”

Cheers to the mermaids, Piano Pat and YOU !!!


Charles Phoenix

Los Angeles, 2014