The Charles Phoenix ALOHALAND “PUDCANO” Limited Edition Tiki Mug made by the world famous Tiki Farm.

Bust out the rum! The ALOHALAND “PUDCANO Tiki mug (btw, PUDCANO is short for: Pineapple Upside Down Cake Volcano) honors the epic Maraschino Cherry erupting Cake, finale of his ALOHALAND Slide Show.

This mug is HUUUUGE!!!

Dimensions: 6” tall – 6” wide – 2” opening

“ALOHALAND – CHARLES – PHOENIX” – appear in raised letters around the base.

The hand painted Pineapple slices, Maraschino cherry centers and “lava” are a sight to behold. This mug is so detailed that even the inside is fully glazed to match the lava flow.

Only 500 of these mugs will ever be made. Get yours before it’s too late!