Astro-weenie Christmas Tree

I was THRILLED when I found your Astro Weenie Tree idea since I was to attend a Christmas Eve party and was asked to bring something for the pot luck. Little did I know it would take so much time and money?… I didn’t care, it was going to be FABULOUS! and it was…

I added battery operated lights to the foil cone, and added a pole wooden dowel up the middle because mere peanut butter was NOT going to hold this 6 pound masterpiece! I also had to make a foam core star since star fruit was “out of season” according to my grocer.

The tree was a huge success at the party, though hardly anyone wanted to scar it’s beauty by actually eating it! I brought her home and relocated all of the uneaten food to plastic bags. When I got up Christmas morning I found that my dog was not afraid to eat it at all!

Keep it up Charles! I’m toasting some cereal tonight! Keith