Hypnotic Holiday Inn

Behold the glory of the iconic Holiday Inn sign. So gigantic it simply miniaturizes the trio of tourists posing beside it. The optimistic “hand-written” font blazing the name across the sky is nearly hypnotic. The colors are clownish and cartoonish.  And if you forget where you are, not a problem, this sign tells you. How convenient! If that doesn’t charm you, perhaps FREE TV and SWIMMING POOL will.

With the opening of the first Holiday Inn in 1952, came these classic yellow, orange, and green star-studded signs. By the late 1960s, they were generously cloned from coast to coast. Today Holiday Inn is a worldwide operation but, surprisingly, not one of these original still stands.

Second only to King Elvis, Holiday Inn is the most famous brand name to ever come out of Memphis, Tennessee. The movie, starring Bing Crosby, was inspired by the festive name. Holiday Inn has a nice ring to it and sounds much better than Holiday Motel!

Here’s to Holiday Inn signs and you!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles, CA