We Found Santa In An Unexpected Place.

Went to Knott’s Merry Farm recently to enjoy a fried chicken dinner and a ghost town all decked out for the holidays. As my friends and I scampered in and out of the shops, saloon and general store, we happened by the place to meet and greet Santa. Without skipping a beat I said, “Let’s go say hi to Santa!”

Just as we were about to walk in the door, Santa’s helper stopped us dead in out tracks, as she put up a sign that said “Santa will return in 30 min.”

Oh well, we all agreed. We’re grown up and really don’t need to see Santa. Riding the log ride, the mine train, and exploring the rest of the legendary theme park, I forgot all about Santa. But as we walked back through ghost town on our way to the chicken dinner restaurant, we passed right by the Santa house again. This was our chance! But as we walked up to the door that same Santa’s helper threw up another sign right in front of us – this time it was “Santa will return at 9am.”

OK so we’re not gonna see Santa. Darn! Now I really wanted to see Santa.

Only Mrs. Knott’s famous fried chicken dinner could take my mind off of seeing Santa. As usual, the line at the restaurant was out the door. My friends were hungry and too impatient to wait.

So off to good ‘ol North Woods Inn it was. Who can resit that spellbinding fake snow on the roof and intoxicating cheese bread. We devoured dinner and as we walked out, the restaurant was totally empty except for one customer still eating. I said, “Hey look, there’s Santa!”

He told us he “just got off work at Knott’s, and no pictures please.”

I’m pretty sure it’s cuz he didn’t want to be seen with the sexy blond Santa helper he was with!