Meat Crafting Has Never Been SO Horrifying !!!

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat is what happens in the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen when it’s the season of scary and a couple extra pounds of ground round are lying around.

Crafting a Halloween Meatloaf of Rat is beyond easy. And you, yes, you, can do it!
The bloodshot eyeballs are green olives stuffed with carved radishes. The nose is a green olive stuck on with a toothpick and a few strands of spaghetti makes perfect whiskers. Good ‘ol kielbasa is what you’ll need for the perfect ears scary rattail. And last but not least, the crowning touch to this Halloween horrifier, the mind-boggling chicken feet.

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat Eyes


My favorite part of all this is what you can’t see until you cut into him. His ‘lil bod contains a whole squeeze bottle of ketchup. Imagine your guest’s blood curdling screams when you slice and serve him as he conveniently oozes ketchup and special meatloaf juice gravy. YUM YUM YUM !!!

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat Body


Meatloaf Rat Recipe:



Halloween Meatloaf of Rat on Tray

INSTRUCTIONS: Mix meatloaf. Now comes the fun part: Pounding your ground round meatloaf mixture on the kitchen counter. Not only does this get your pent up autumnal aggressions out, it also helps to release those unwanted air bubbles trapped in the meat mixture.

To beat your meat: place the mixture in a large, sturdy tea towel. Collect up the corners and pound that ground round repeatedly on your kitchen counter until you’ve killed it.

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat in Oven


Now shape, form and sculpt that beat meat mixture into hollow rat’s body big enough to fill with a whole squeeze bottle of ketchup. Squirt the ketchup in and seal up the hole well. Place on baking tray and bake as long as your grandma would bake her meatloaf. Now the time has come to serve the scariest main course you’ve ever seen.

And btw, he’s great served up on a bed of smashed potatoes and RATATOUILLE !!! …

Halloween Meatloaf of Rat DONE!