Halloween Meatloaf of Rat

Every holiday time party should have an edible meatloaf sculpture to serve as centerpiece, theme setter and conversation starter. In the tradition of the Tiki Turkey Meatloaf, Easter Meatloaf of Lamb and the Meativity Scene, I am proud to present to you … the Halloween Meatloaf of Rat!

I was going for something far fiercer creature but somehow the meat hand-sculpted itself into this adorable big fat rat. He’s got carved radish and olive eyeballs, an olive nose, spaghetti whiskers, chicken feet, kielbasa tail and ears, aaand his plump li’l ground beef meatloaf mixture bod is filled with the contents of an entire squeeze bottle of ketchup! SOOO when you cut into the Halloween Meatloaf of Rat… he bleeds …!

Your guests will be horrified, run away screaming and then come back to gobble him right up … chicken feet and all !!! Bon appetite !!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Charles Phoenix