As Long As I Can Remember Christmas Trees, I Can Remember Flocked Christmas Trees.

As long as I can remember Christmas trees, I can remember flocked Christmas trees. We had a white tree one year. I must’ve been in about 1st grade. I’ll never forget it.

Long an admirer of the rare art of Christmas tree flocking, I unexpectedly happened upon a “flock lot,” (what I call Christmas tree lots that offer flocking) at the corner of Crenshaw and Imperial in Los Angeles. I almost crashed the car spotting their intoxicating display of trees flocked in more colors than I’d ever seen at any “flock lot” before. They had purple, pink, periwinkle blue, yellow, mint green, maroon, even black trees. I was drunk with pleasure and feeling the seasonal spirit like never before.

I wasted no time finding the flocker and showering him with compliments, to which he replied he’d been a professional tree flocker for 35 years.

Though I hadn’t been planning to buy a tree, I couldn’t resist, especially when he said he’d flock one special for me.

But then came the monumental decision of what color to have him flock it.

“How many colors can you flock?”

“I can flock any color you want.”

Overwhelmed by possibilities, I said, “Surprise me!”

And when I went back, this is what I got!

Lie is full of surprises, most of them are wonderful !!! … but few as colorful as this !!!

Cheers to the most colorful Christmas everrr, Joe the flocker, and you !!! …