Southgate Shopping Center

Recently while curiously searching Google for “Googie” images, I scrolled across a picture of the Southgate Shopping Centers sign. I was more than spellbound by the Googie gloriousness and oh-so surprised because I was totally unaware of it.

With the click of a few keys, I was shocked to discover that this super-sized, space-age spectacle STILL STANDS as the centerpiece, logo and crowning touch of the shopping center it stands for just as it has since 1957.

After dissecting it stylistically, this sign structure looks to me like what would happen if McDonalds original golden arches fast food stand and LAX’s Theme Building had a baby!

I wonder if, occasionally, when the wind is just right, and nobody is looking, this winged-wonder takes flight and the whole shopping center goes sailing across the sky right along with it!

Cheers to the glory of Googie, the Southgate Shopping Center and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
Los Angeles, CA