Frosty the Cheeseball Man

See Frosty melt and learn how to make your own cheeseball man in the latest video from the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen.

My latest test kitchen concoction is pretty much proof that the spirit of Christmas has hijacked my seasonal sensibilities and skyrocketed them into the stratosphere of culinary kookiness! But that’s ok because otherwise how would I ever have thought that Frosty the snowman needed to “come back to life one day” as Frosty the Cheeseball Man, made not “of snow as the children know” but as Velveeta frosted with cream cheese.

Not only will your very own cheeseball man creation be the perfect party conversation centerpiece, but Frosty will also inspire gasps, awes and shrieks when you announce to your guests that he will also be the evening’s entertainment.

But make sure to toast Frosty before you melt him. Center him in your best vintage electric skillet, gather your guests around, and with your smart cocktails held up in the air, salute him. All together say, “bye bye Frosty,” as you turn the skillet on low and let the performance begin. Serve up more cocktails and delight in the joy of witnessing the amazement and amusement your tipsy guests as Frosty morphs over the next 30 minutes into cheesy fondue dip! Stir, then serve with All-Americana Pride !!!

Frosty’s melty performance is something your party guests will not soon forget!

Watch the how-to video here!

Here’s to Frosty the Snowman, Frosty the Cheeseball Man and YOU!

Charles Phoenix
December 8, 2011