Live Comedy Dream Hawaiian Vacation Slide Show

Red Lion
909 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, OR 97217

Presented by TIKI KON … Prepare for your tiki pride to swell when Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, super charges the classic living room slide show into a laugh-out-loud, “dream vacation” to Hawaii ala vintage Kodachome slides, taken by tourists in the 50s & 60s.

With keen expertise, unbridled enthusiasm and sharp eye for oddball detail, Charles lands us into the super spellbinding stratosphere of vintage island style, fun fashions, exotic architecture, tiki transportation, tourist traps and more.

Sit back and enjoy the fabulous flight as we time travel to Charles’ fun-filled, action packed, crazy kaleidoscope of peppy pop culture – all in glorious Kodachrome COLOR!

… Your imagination will be inspired and your spirit will soar !!! …

Festive dress is encouraged … but not expected!