Easter Sunday

This slide is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite finds.

For those of your who have been to one of my slide shows, chances are you may remember Mary-Charlotte. Who could forget this magical mirror image of that strawberry blond hair, peaches-and-cream complexion and cigarette dangling from those red painted lips? And the cut roses and squeezed lemons that provide color to the otherwise very blue bathroom that she has cleverly turned into a makeshift bar. Well, after all, it’s Easter Sunday and cocktails will be served.

This blessed Sunday let Mary-Charlotte be an inspiration to you. Bless the bunch at your Easter brunch by offering what she does — Tequila and Kahlua with a squeeze. Call it the “Teqlua” Sunrise, and offer it with a squeeze of course. Be generous with them and, oh, whatever you do, don’t forget to tell them “it’s Mary-Charlotte’s recipe.”

Happy Easter!!